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Lunch with Tom – More Lunches in the New Year

22 Sep 2020 15:04

We are introducing a new event called “Lunch with Tom.” This will be a chance for you to socialize with me and a small group of my clients and their friends on Zoom. You’ll get an intimate setting with a free meal from any restaurant you want, through DoorDash! This casual affair will give you ... Read more

What should I keep and for how long?

31 Aug 2020 14:49

It’s important to know what records to keep. None of us wants to be inundated with unnecessary paper piles, but we certainly don’t want to throw away something important. In addition, every document with an account number or other vital information is a risk exposure for identity theft. Save what you need securely and safely shred the rest. ... Read more

Coronavirus Update

10 Jun 2020 17:33

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently working from home.  We are still fully functional and have access to all the tools we have always had available to service your requests.  Clients may still contact us in the same manner as prior to the pandemic either by email, phone or text to 408-551-6100.    In an effort to ... Read more

Cares Act and Your RMDs

30 Mar 2020 15:46

The COVID-19 Stimulus Bill that was just approved by Congress includes tax relief for retirees.  The required minimum distribution (RMD) rules for Individual Retirement Accounts and 401(k)s are waived for 2020.  This means that if you are required to take an annual RMD this year, and have not yet fulfilled this requirement, you can skip ... Read more

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